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The 2nd Edition of the CLARKSVILLE HISPANIC FESTIVAL was a Fiesta!

Updated: Sep 21, 2022

Clarksville Hispanic-American Family Foundation (CHAFF) recently hosted the 2022 Hispanic Heritage Festival at The Wilma Rudolph Event Center.

The Fiesta started very early in the morning of the past Sunday, September 18th when the vendors starter set up their booths. From 12 of noon families of all corners arrived at the event, enjoyed delicious dishes like Peruvian Foods, Mexican Foods, Puertorican Foods, Panama Foods and more, Dancers, Live shows, Live Musics, Arts and a bunch of Hispanic Business showing how important is the Hispanic cominity in the city.

Clarksville City Mayor Joe Pitt and his wife was present in the Festival supporting C.H.A.F.F. and the comunity. Elizabeth Adamski and the CHAFF board and organizing committee (Belinda Martinez and John Crespo, just to name a few) are to be commended for their outstanding work making this year’s festival even better than before. They worked tirelessly to ensure everyone had a good time. (Mayor Pitts words)

This year event was a fiesta (party), colorfull, happy, dance, delicious better than the last year. We're proud of our community, of our different hispanics cultures.

C.H.A.F.F. leaders and boards only have to said THANK YOU to our Hispanic Community for trusting us. Also a huge THANK YOU to all the sponsors that supported the event, without them the festival will not be possible.

Be ready for the next year Festival, bigger things will coming. Stay tunned on the social media of Hispanic Heritage Clarksville and C.H.A.F.F.


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